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“And, when she sings, you listen...”
-CBC Radio Canada

Icelandic Songstress Annie Becker is a Canadian musician based in Vancouver who has made a significant impact on the music industry with her unique sound and captivating performances.  Becker is a true musical visionary, pushing the boundaries of what's possible with live looping and creating a sound that's all her own. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of genres, from jazz and folk to RnB and electronica, Annie's music is a sonic exploration of the human spirit. Her live performances are a sight to behold, with Annie using her looping pedals to create a symphony of sound in real-time.


Becker started writing music on beaches of the West Coast and after moving to Montreal cut her first record, ‘All About the Beez Neez,’ with Ambrosia Records. And, in 2014 Annie was awarded Vancouver Island’s Vocalist of the Year and was nominated for 3 other awards including album of the year.  

For decades Annie has been writing, performing, producing, touring, and recording. She has released a discography of 3 albums and 3 singles. She has performed across Canada and the States touring to such festivals as

Rifflandia, Edge of the World Festival, Burning Man, and Big Time Out.

She has toured as north as Dawson City and as south as Joshua Tree.


Single ‘Learn2Breath,’ released in 2023, draws from Annie’s love for 90s Hip Hop. Producer Michael Fraser captured Annie’s live looping into a bubble gum pop of sound. And they released a second single, ‘Heartbeat,’ born from Annie’s love for yoga and meditation.

Annie's unique brand of music is a feast for the senses. A tapestry of sound that's both otherworldly and enchanting. A true symphony of the human condition.

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